Christmas shoppers: last minute mad dash for the goose fat… and breathe

I’ve just endured a last minute mad dash in the supermarket. But I’ve reminded myself how lucky I am to be a shopper and not a retailer anymore.
I used to work on the chilled section in Waitrose and I dreaded Christmas and the fight for Goose Fat!
Shoppers would shout, swear, push and grab as they desperately tried to stock up on life necessities such as goose fat and halloumi (‪#‎firstworldproblems‬)!

So whilst you may be focused on getting the perfect crunch and taste to your roast tatties (potatoes if you’re outside of Yorkshire) spare a thought to those working and be thankful you have the time to stress about specific ingredients.

I’ve only ever used vegetable oil on my roasties AND I didn’t die nor was I shunned by my family.

So take a deep breath and chill out…

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