Britain’s Got Talent: Acrobatics and gymnastics rise again 

By Sophie Mei

It was the turn of the gymnasts in this weeks show who acro balanced their way to success.

First off it was acrobatics-gymnastics duo Sam and Hector from Kent who impressed with their balancing and strength.

Next up was an 18 strong gymnastics troupe, Spartan Resurrection, from Scotland who somersaulted their way to glory in a “Game of Thrones” style choreography.

Acrobatics and gymnastics have really taken off in recent years with lots of young men and women taking it up as a hobby and sometimes combining it with yoga and circus art forms.

My favourite act of the night was the operatic all-male group Vox Fortis who sang in beautiful harmony and gave opera a fresh look.

But the act sure to stick in everyone’s mind was 14-year-old Jasmine Elcock from Essex who closed Saturday night’s show on an emotional high with her spine-tingling and magical voice.

Her voice was so powerful that it left judge Alesha Dixon in floods of tears as well as Hosts Ant and Dec.

Ant was visibly moved by Jasmine’s voice and the popular TV duo pressed their golden buzzer, securing Jasmine an automatic place in the semi-finals.

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