Day of the Dead: Be featured in our Halloween gallery! 

So by now you’re probably Halloween-ed out! We’ve eaten pumpkin in soups, stews, pasta bakes and cakes (waste not want not, check out the free Olio app to help stop food waste). 

We’ve worn and made several scary costumes.

And tonight we’ll be (finally) out trick or treating… thank goodness it’s finally here as I’d bought sweets to give out far too soon so everything I’d got has since been eaten! We’ve made several trips to stock up. 

The joys of family life and sweet fiends!

Next year I’m determined to give out non-food goods, here’s why
But before we make a quick-change over to Bonfire night festivities… Check out our spooky gallery: 

Amelie Reeder, aged 3 

Freya Gmaj, aged 0 

Food by mum Kirsty Blow

Ellie O’Keefe, aged 0

Jessica Smart, aged 4 & Isaac, aged 1 (with Mum Emma and Dad Stewart Smart)

Blythe & Zara Lundy

Day of the Dead birthday party (My mum Panni Loh and I. My mum was born on Halloween, my sister was born on bonfire night and I was born at Easter)

Fun at the community allotment: Storytime, painting, pumpkin carving, bonfire and food. 

If you want to add your Halloween photo please comment below with the photo or go to:

And now let’s turn to Bonfire night this Saturday! 

I’ll be tweeting and facebooking some recipes inspired by Guy Fawkes. 

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