4 ingredient recipes with Krombacher + WIN A 24-CRATE OF BEER and pottery glass #Sp

We were challenged to create a tasty dish to pair with Krombacher Beer, with just four ingredients.

So I got my chef husband Chris in the kitchen to come up with a dish as he loves cooking food and he likes drinking beer.

Here’s what he rustled up for us…

Butter Bean and Chorizo Stew:



1 tin butter beans

1 tin chopped tomatoes

50 g Chorizo

Pesto to taste



Heat the pan and fry the raw Chorizo for 2-3 minutes until starting to brown. Add the butter beans and chopped tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes, stirring, occasionally. Plate up the stew and swirl in the pesto. Crack open your Krombacher and enjoy!

butter bean and chorizo stew pop up north food mama mei food blogger

Why four ingredients you ask?

That’s because Krombacher beer follows German Beer Purity Laws (Reinheitsgebot) so beer must only contain four ingredients.

And as Reinheitsgebot is marking it’s 501st anniversary we have a special competition so you can join in the celebrations and win (see below).

krombacher beers pairing four ingredient recipes pop up north food mama mei food blogger



krombacher beers pairing four ingredient recipes pop up north food mama mei food blogger

We challenge you to think of a 4 ingredient recipe and tweet it to us @KrombacherUK @MamaMeiBlog and follow both accounts.

Or if you’re not on twitter, comment on this post on the blog and/ or on facebook. You can enter as many times as you like with as many  different recipe ideas that you want to enter!

E.g. Morrocan Tagine: Dates, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach.

Crustless quiche: Eggs, onions, mushrooms and peppers.

Competition closes on Sunday May 28th at midnight (GMT).


If you want another recipe to get your ideas flowing… Chris also made this snack:

Chipotle Chicken and Chips (Or if you’re a vegetarian like me use a Quorn fillet).


Germany Beer Purity Laws/Reinheitsgebot Background

  • The Reinheitsgebot – sometimes called the German Brewing Laws or German Purity Laws
  • The oldest piece of food and drink legislation in the world
  • Started in 1516 and stating that only 4 ingredients could be used in the production of beer – Hops, malted barley, yeast and water.
  • It is the 501st anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot on the 23rd
  • The law ensures no additional adjuncts, preservatives and additives can be added to the brew. Ensures purity, taste quality.
  • Beers brewed to the Reinheitsgebot are also suitable for vegans/vegetarians as some brands use animal products in the filtering of the beer

Krombacher Background

  • The largest brewery in Germany and the biggest family owned and operated brewery in Europe, Krombacher beers have been produced exclusively in Krombach since 1803 according to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.
  • With sixty glasses of Krombacher drunk every second in Germany and its Pils being enjoyed more than any other Pilsener, it’s no surprise the brand is seen as the authentic taste of its homeland.
  • Relying on artistry, experience and above all the passion, 55 Master Brewers ensure no corners are cut in their pursuit of perfection.
  • Combining time-consuming methods of the traditional German brewers’ art with state-of-the art technology, the brewery only uses 100% natural and wholesome ingredients including the finest two-row summer barley, Siegel hops from Hallertau and its own specially cultivated yeast.
  • For the precious water, Krombacher beers benefit from the local Felsquellwasser® found in 48 wells within 3km of the brewery. The special water is especially soft and low in mineral content making it perfect for brewing.
  • First imported into the UK in 1987, the Krombacher brand has a long relationship with the UK consumer.
  • The Krombacher range currently available in the UK includes the Pilsener, Hell, Dark, Weizen, Radler, Low Alcoholic Pils, low alcohol Weizen.
  • cONTACT Email – info@krombacher.co.uk, website – krombacher.co.uk, Twitter – @krombacherUK
    Facebook, Instagram – /KrombacherUK
  • Krombacher is available via Majestic majestic.co.uk, www.beersofeurope.co.uk, and www.noblegreenwines.co.uk
  • The beers are also available in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels throughout the UK.
  • Krombacher’s highly praised non and low alcohol range is available from drydrinker.com

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