Real Life Reads: Meet the self-made creative designer #WAHM (Week 2)

Each week I’m featuring an inspiring real person whose life is sure to interest you. 

This week Emma Kitchen, Creative Designer at Ribbon Of Hearts
Bespoke & Personalised Wooden Hearts and Gifts, shares her story. 

 I Live in Wakefield with Fiance and Son Kayden (12yrs old) and our 4 cats.

 I LOVE music, photography and people.

Daily life consists of me being a Creative Guru (haha), Health coach and 5 weeks to 5k running Coach – running the home and taking care of Kayden/school duties. 

Life itself inspires me to keep going. Ribbon of Hearts was put together by thoughts written down and kept. I used to draw ideas on the shower door in the steam, logo ideas and allsorts. 

Everyday was inspired by my friend who is sadly no longer with us. Now, I always say to myself “What would Rebecca do now if she was here?”

 She would push on and keep going and believe in herself, she pushed me because she believed in me.

I love to make people smile and feel good, to help them realise they can achieve anything in life…most of all Kayden, he is my biggest passion.

My dreams are full of life, to surprise people, to set and reach my goals, to inspire others to do more. To create and build my business bigger and bigger, to travel and to give back.

 Interesting facts about me: I’m an Adrenaline junkie, love all things crazy. I did a skydive for charity and would do again, I ziplined off the top of Xscape in Castleford also for charity.

I have won two awards for Ribbon of Hearts – A Jacqueline Gold Women in Business #WOW Award and a #QueenOf Twitter Award – QueenOf Memories To Treasure. Hosted by The Royal Connection.

(Look what Emma made for Mama Mei taken from scan photos…)

For more info – (Brand new last week and built it ALL myself)
Or facebook –
Or Twitter –


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