Get moving in the park: tips to get fit for free this summer

I’m a professional dancer, blogger and mum-of-two here’s my secrets to getting fit for free.

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Not got the cash, motivation or commitment to join a gym? Don’t fear as Summer is here and with all those sunny (ish) rays there’s a number of ways to get fit for free and without a contract!

– Park gyms: Thornes Park Wakefield, Millhouses Park Sheffield and soon Pugney’s Country Park Wakefield – all have their own free outdoor ‘gyms.’
The outdoor gyms contain a series of outdoor equipment you can use at your leisure and there’s often trails to follow – so don’t just see parks as a place for kids to play, adults can have fun and get fit too.

– Park run: Every Saturday morning Park Runs take place at thousands of parks across the country. It’s an organised 5k running/walking route which you can join in for free. For more information, go to:

– Playing sport in the park: Get a friend or two together to kick a ball around, play tennis, try learning circus skills or if there’s enough of you, you can’t beat a game of Rounders. Most local councils have free sporting initiatives so make sure you enquire e.g. Boot-Camps, Cycling and Walking groups.

– If you’re into yoga and tai chi why not try it outdoors? The top of Sandal Castle is an idyllic spot!

– Get ‘appy with some fitness apps. If it exists, there’s an app for it. Whether it be running, cycling, dancing and whatever else… Apps and podcasts are great ways to keep motivated as well as tracking your progress.

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